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EFSA comments on MiFID Review

EFSA - initial comments on MiFID 2/R Review


Brexit : Welcome to Paris Your future at the heart of the EU

AMAFI contributed to the new Paris Europlace brochure on the offer of the Paris Market Place


PRIIPs – Revision

After holding a number of meetings on the topic, AMAFI has finalised its response (AMAFI / 20-02) to the public consultation published in October 2019 by the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) on amendments to the PRIIPs framework. In its response, AMAFI s...


Digital assets – AML/CFT challenges

As the French financial community pursues its work on digital assets, the ACPR - AMF Fintech Forum has issued a consultation on the anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) challenges for this ecosystem. The consultation document, w...


MIF 2 Refit

Over recent months, AMAFI has been working to formally set out its thoughts and proposed amendments for the revision – or refit – of the three levels of regulation that form the MiFID 2 framework. The aim, based on experience gained in implementation o...


European Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) – Implementing discipline measures

CSDR discipline measures are scheduled to come into force in September 2020. Their purpose is to ensure that securities settlement transactions conducted by CSDs are settled on the date originally agreed by the parties. A penalty is applied for each day that a tra...


MiFID 2 - Product governance

AMAFI is updating its guide to implementing product governance obligations. The proposed changes seek, among other things, to clarify the relationship between the obligations to regularly review target markets and to identify events affecting the risk/reward trade...


MiFID 2 - Study on the volume cap mechanism

Article 5 of MiFIR introduces a volume capping mechanism for trading in equities and equity-like instruments that applies at the level of the individual venue and at EU level. If thresholds are exceeded, trading in the affected instruments is suspended at both lev...


Digital assets – Talking about activities linked to security tokens

As part of discussions on the introduction of provisions to support the development of security tokens at domestic and European level, AMAFI’s Digital Assets Group examined a number of possible ways forward, which were summarised in a document (AMAFI / 19-10...


Réforme du régime des offres au public - Homologation des modifications du RG AMF

A la suite de l’entrée en vigueur du Règlement Prospectus en juillet 2019 et des textes français (ordonnance et décret) réformant le régime des offres au public en octobre 2019, les modifications subséquentes...