Representing financial market professionals based in France

EFSA – Paris meeting, 14-15 December

In mid-December, AMAFI hosted a meeting of the European Forum of Securities Associations (EFSA). The gathering was an opportunity to talk about issues of shared interest, including Level 2 implementation of the revised MiFIR, Europe's Retail Investment Strategy, the potential shortening of the settlement cycle to T+1 and the ongoing Listing Act negotiations.

The meeting’s other purpose was to discuss the industry's capital-market priorities for the next European Commission. In the lead-up to the June 2024 elections and associated institutional renewal, EFSA has tasked itself with drawing up shared proposals to build deeper European markets that are better equipped to play a part in financing the continent’s economy. France's securities regulator, the AMF, represented by Secretary General Sébastien Raspiller, laid out its own European priorities at the meeting and held discussions with EFSA members.

The EFSA will reconvene in the second quarter of 2024 at a meeting hosted by the Danish Financial Markets Association (FIDA), which is set to take over from AMAFI in acting as the Forum's secretariat for a year.