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Retail Investment Strategy – European Parliament’s position

The European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs has adopted a position on the Retail Investment Strategy (RIS). Among the topics of particular interest to AMAFI, several stand out: Inducements ban: AMAFI is pleased that the Parliam...


Attractiveness of the Paris financial centre

Announced in late 2023, the Attractiveness Act is going forward, with MP Alexandre Holroyd recently submitting a bill that contains several significant amendments. AMAFI is especially pleased about the following measures: Efforts to make IPO rules more flexi...



T+1 With the United States poised to shorten its securities settlement period from two days to just one at the end of May 2024, and with several countries, including the United Kingdom, contemplating a similar move, the European Commission is mulling the same...


Capital Markets Union – Priorities for the Union’s capital markets

With a view to European elections in June and the priorities for the next European Commission mandate, AMAFI has published a set of recommendations aimed at encouraging deep, liquid, and competitive capital markets that can contribute to business financing and off...


Enjeux 2024

Retrouvez dans la deuxième édition de cette publication de l’AMAFI un panorama des grands enjeux de l’année pour les acteurs de marché. Les priorités pour les marchés européens de capitaux, MiFIR, EMI...


Compensation des dérivés

Le Parlement européen et le Conseil viennent de trouver un terrain d’entente sur le rapatriement dans l'Union européenne de la compensation des dérivés. A lire dans Finascope : Interview de Stéphane Gi...


T+1 Settlement

In the wake of the US industry’s decision to shorten its settlement cycle to one day after the date of the trade (T+1) in April 2024, the UK and EU launched studies to determine whether to follow suit and reduce their own cycles from the current two days to...