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AMAFI Code of Best Practice for Euro PP Arrangers

On 13 January 2016, AMAFI published its Code of Best Practice for Euro PP Arrangers (AMAFI / 16-02). Prepared by a working group bringing together the main institutions operating as arrangers for euro private placement (Euro PP) deals, the code sets out best business practices for these institutions through a market standard that offers the assurance of high-quality professional services. 
AMAFI hopes that the code will underline the key role played by arrangers in ensuring smooth and successful Euro PPs and offer certainty to borrowers and investors that opt to take part in a Euro PP deal by calling on the services of an arranger that has promised to follow the code. To date, 14 AMAFI members have committed themselves to applying the code (AMAFI / 16-03).  

AMAFI also continues to participate in cross-market work aimed at promoting the development of the Euro PP market and notably in preparations for the second annual Euro PP conference on 29 March 2016.